The Downtown Movement would like to organize four seasonal New York City-inspired 3-Day Pop-up Shop events in conjunction with our city’s most popular festivities.

Summer – Augustoberfest

Fall – Alsatia Mummers Parade

Winter – New Year’s Eve Donut Drop (tentatively)

Spring – Western Maryland Blues Fest

These pop-up shops will be opened by local businesses and will occupy the vacant storefronts downtown. The vision is for residents and visitors to be immersed in a bustling city center filled with shops, restaurants, and galleries and energize them to support the revitalization of the downtown.

For our first event, which we foresee as Augustoberfest 2014, we would like to start with filling just the 10 vacant storefronts on Potomac Street. Our goal would be to fill more storefronts with each event and grow the movement with each season.